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May 23, 2017
25x30cm 1Pcs product specification powerful sticky board greenhouse is orchard garden courtyard for pest control Wholesale
May 23, 2017
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1PC Mouse Board Sticky Rat Glue Trap Mouse Glue Board Mice Catcher trap Non-toxic Environmentally Products pest control

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1PC Mouse Board Sticky Rat Glue Trap Mouse Glue Board Mice Catcher trap Non-toxic Environmentally Products pest control

Specifications: Single leaf: 26 × 18.5cm product manual: This product is the introduction of German technology refined from the Guangdong Provincial Health and Epidemic Prevention Station qualified. This product has a strong sticky, Special effects for a long time, good performance, easy to use and safety and health, non-toxic and so on. Rodent effect is better than the current market similar products. Instructions: 1. Carefully open the adhesive tape, close and then open, so that the plastic surface to expand, increase the sticky force, and then put the plastic sheeting on the wall or mouse. 2. Remove the captured rat, then close the tape and then open, change the location, can be repeated many times to use. Precautions: 1. Keep the glue clean. If the plastic surface with gray sand or water droplets will affect the use of results. 2. When the temperature is below 10 ℃, please use it slowly after heating. 3. Adhesive hands or clothing, you can use gasoline or kerosene cleaning.


1, the sticky mouse plate placed near the location of cleaning, leaving less dust, and keep dry, but also in the sticky mouse plate under the paper, so that the first mouse in the newspaper dust and water on the feet clean, stick big The chance of a mouse increases by 50%! 2, the mouse can be used more places a few, if necessary, this product can be fixed on the ground. 3, try to stick the mouse plate placed in the corner, hole and other dark place, to kill a! Special attention: master the psychological characteristics of rats, adhere to the victory. The mouse will have a new thing “should be reaction”, that is, a observation of the adaptation period, the sticky mouse board is no exception. The response time varies according to the different conditions of the mouse, the youngest young mice (young no experience), adult mice, especially the repeated arrest of the mouse is not the longest, most obvious. In the meantime, the mouse looks to the sticky mouse plate indifferent, and even bypass the sticky mouse board to go over or jump from above, in fact, it is observed and test this thing is not safe, therefore, during this period , You do not want to move the sticky mouse plate, do not stand from time to time to observe and talk (the mouse will hear Oh), adhere to a period of time, the mouse confirmed the safety, and it will go up. If you have young rats at home, they are often caught first, at this time, to immediately deal with the mouse and replace the new board, continue to place in place, waiting for adult mice hook. related information: A mouse is a social animal, usually a nest of multiple rats, usually see one, in fact, probably not the same mouse. 2. The principle of rodent mouse trapping is to place the mouse on the mouse mouse, the mouse was caught in the normal walking, so the mouse must be increased when the probability of pawn, it must increase the number of sticky mouse plate, 10 square area to be placed more than 5 pieces. 3. The IQ of a mouse is equivalent to the IQ of a three-year-old child and has a “new reaction” to the new thing. Therefore, we must avoid putting only one sticky mouse plate and putting the mouse plate in place to prevent it from being alert. See more do not blame it! The most important thing is patience, some rats were arrested the same day, some to a few days, some to a week, it depends on the mouse’s smart degree.

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 5 cm
Brand Name:


Power Source:

Sun Battery






Not Applicable

Pest Type:


Applicable Area:

20-50 square meters



Model Number:




Time Used:

300 Hours







Mosquito type:

Mouse Board



Be applicable:

repeller ,pest ,Pest Repellent Repelling



Pest Control Type:

rat trap


pest control

feature 2:

rat trap





feature 4:

mouse trap




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