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Mice Trap Rat Trap Mouse Trapper Glue Board Sticky Mouse Reject Mice

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Mr Bug Mice Trap Glue Board for Mice Rat Mouse Control Esp for Home Midium & Small Mouse Mice Rat Rodent Pest Catch Traps Killer

EOC Nontoxic  10pcs free shipping! 

Environmentally Products


For flat use: 13.5x 21.5 CM

For fold up use: 13.5 x 6.7 x 5 CM 

Also for small Snakes , cockroaches, Ants, Lizards, Centipede, Home Pests Bugs etc control.

How to use:

Open the traps and place where the Mouses Rats Mices Bugs Pests Appear Often! 

Keep away from your Children Pets Birds etc. If it sticks to your clothes or skin use diesel to remove.  

For home mouse/rat /mice trap, you can use some food with smell as attractant bait, such like Cookie bread etc.


Harm to Health


Rat Mousehome bugssnakes

How to use:


 Fold up use or Flat use 

mouse trap small sizee







10pcs Mr Bug Mice Rat Mouse Glue Trap Board, Rat Glue Trap Mouse Board Mice Catcher Rodent Killer Trapper Non-toxic


Harm to Health


10Pcs High Quality Mouse Rat Board Sticky Rat Glue Trap Mouse Glue Board Rodent Mice Catcher Trap Non-toxic Pest Control Reject



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Mr.Bug Cockroach Trap Box 
Mr Bug Cockroach Trap
Bugs size ECOroach spiderdead roaches
Fly Moth Ant Insect Bug Small Snake Lizard Mouse Rat Sticker Trap:
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Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 3 cm
Brand Name


Pest Type

Bed Bugs,Silverfish,Mosquitoes,Pill Bugs,Crickets,Flies,Earwigs,Moths,Mice,Spiders,Fleas,Scorpions,Bats,Bees,Ticks,Ants,Snakes,Centipedes,Hornets,Beetles,Termites,Cockroaches

Model Number

MrBug Mouse 01


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