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May 24, 2017
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10 Top Quality Roach Cockroach Centipedes Ant Spider Repeller Trap Insect Pest Control Centipede Pest Reject Repeller Killer

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Hot Sales Home Centipedes Ant Spider Repeller Trapper, Pest Centipedes Reject Repeller Nontoxic 10pcs free shipping!

Mr Bug Cockroach,

Household cockroach’s body with a large number of germs on, but also asthma or other allergic reactions allergens. Different for different species of cockroach insecticide has already developed resistance! Our home, various species of cockroaches are often mixed media. Began a year ago, I no longer use insecticide sprays and pesticides! Insecticide sprays will be a lot of residual toxicity of harmful pesticides in the home, but the long-term is difficult to remove! Endanger the health of you and your family! Went to eat a cockroach insecticide chewing, diffuse climb your home other foods, sofas, chairs, mattresses, toxic cockroach feces and food around every corner, causing serious environmental pollution! Died from eating a cockroach insecticide corner cupboards, wardrobes, sofas, mattresses, bookcases and breed a lot of bacteria! Home with pregnant women, children, pets and the elderly, the kitchen and the bedroom and other places, please use caution insecticide sprays and pesticides! Mr. Bugs cockroach house, using imported raw materials, environmental protection, high-viscosity rayon, exquisite production process, help solve your worries! Mr. Bugs cockroaches housing, environmental protection, non-toxic, harmless, do not pollute the environment, you can run out of trash! From fear to conquer cockroach cockroaches, we work together! Attentive mother, intentions family health care! 10pcs/box Proper use: 1) Press the icon will cockroach house hut folded shape, ensuring crawling cockroach-like entrance ramp way. 2) Please cockroach bait crushed into powder or crushed particles, and the middle of the house into the cockroach (very important). 3) Please cockroach house placed in places frequented by cockroaches, such as the kitchen, stove, cabinets, next to the trash can, the sofa and so on. 5 days if there is no effect, replace or location. Free Gift Available Now for Your New Orders! Order Now ! Free Gift : Fly Sticker New Arrival , Please visit our webshop on Aliexpress:

Mr Bug Mice Trap Glue Board for Mice Rat Mouse Control Esp for Home Midium & Small Mouse Mice Rat Rodent Pest Catch Traps Killer

EOC Nontoxic 5pcs free shipping!

Environmentally Products


For flat use: 13.5x 21.5 CM

For fold up use: 13.5 x 6.7 x 5 CM

Also for small Snakes , cockroaches, Lizards, Centipede, Home Pests Bugs etc control.

Come with Attractant Bait No-toxic

More Items Available Pls Visit Our Web. Fly Moth Ant Insect Bug Small Snake Lizard Mouse Rat Sticker Trap: Hot Sales Cockroach Centipedes Ant Spider Repeller Trapper Pest Reject Repeller Killer Trap Rat Mice ECO Non-Chemical Nontoxic 10 Top Quality Roach Cockroach Centipedes Ant Spider Repeller Trapper Pest Control Centipedes Pests Reject Repeller Killer Trap 10 Top Quality Roach Cockroach Centipedes Ant Spider Repeller Trap Insect Pest Control Centipedes Pests Reject Repeller Killer

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 20 x 10 x 3 cm
Brand Name:


Power Source:

Sun Battery

Time Used:

>480 Hours

Pest Control Type:





7-10 Pieces


Not Applicable



Applicable Area:

20-50 square meters



Net Weight:


Model Number:

Mr bug -001







Pest Type:


Sheet Size:









Cockroach house

Mosquito type:

Cockroach house


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